miðvikudagur, ágúst 06, 2008

Third Album by Eberg "Antidote" released in Autumn in Iceland

Another album to be released in Iceland this autumn is Eberg's third: "Antidote". Released outside Iceland in 2009.
The title track has already been released on a compilation album: Rabeat's Cage-compilation.
In the review of this album @ http://www.oxfordbands.com/:
"First song of note is the hauntingly melancholic Antidote by Eberg, where piano and accoustic bass oscillate between chords like a slow pendulum marking time before the singer's demise. Two voices, one voice with a helium effect, describe a mysterious death/suicide scene between two people for whom there is no hope, as a harrowing refrain of "someone should hold you tighter than I do" floats ethereally in and out of the song. Morose violin (viola?) and electronic beats add texture. In short: artful, powerful, sad, brilliant".
Eberg @ www.myspace.com/eberg1

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