sunnudagur, ágúst 03, 2008

Forthcoming Icelandic Albums

The Iceland Airwaves Festival is approaching: 15-19. October 2008. Some Icelandic artists are trying to get their release ready before the 10th Festival kicks off.
Esja will release their Debut Album on the Tónaljós Label (of Esja member Krummi and his father, crooner Bo Halldorsson: The CD is called "Esja" (Release Party 7. August).

First Single "Hit it" on their MySpace profile:

The collaboration of Ghostigital, Finnbogi Pétursson & Skúli Sverisson Project "aero" is to be released in September.

Jeff Who? is busy on their Second Album.

This fall, albums by following artists are expected: Steed Lord (Debut), Retro Stefson (Debut), Motion Boys (Debut), Dr. Spock and Hairdoctor.

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