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Hafdís Huld & Emilíana Torrini Guest Vocalists on new Tricky Album

Hafdís Huld Þrastardóttir, formerly a member of GusGus, released her Debut Album "Dirty Paper Cup" in 2006. Album won the award of best pop album @ the Icelandic music awards. She was also nominated for best video with "Tomoko". The album was produced by Neill MacColl & Boo Hewerdine, who co-wrote 5 of the songs. The album features a cover of Lou Reed's "Who Loves The Sun" performed on the ukulele.
Hafdís is one of the guest vocalists on Tricky's 2008 album "Knowle West Boy". She can be heard in the song “Cross to bear”.
You can listen to this song @ her MySpace page: www.myspace.com/hafdishuld
Currently Hafdís Huld is working on her second album.
Hafdís Huld Webiste: www.hafdishuld.com
Emilíana Torrini
, who also worked with the GusGus collective in the past, collaborates on the Song "Slow".

Tricky is experienced in working with Icelandic singers. He was co-producer of Björk's "Post" Album, together with Howie B, they influenced songs like "Possibly Maybe". Tricky was also co-writer of the songs "Enjoy" & "Headphones". Björk did vocals on the songs "Keep your mouth shut" and "Yoga" of Tricky's Album "Nearly God" (1996). This "Yoga" is not the same as the "Jóga" of Björk's "Homogenic" Album (1997).

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