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Pornopop "And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms"

In Iceland there's a Bang Gang, and also the band Pornopop. A band not to be forgotten!
The Album "And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms" (2006) by the Brothers Einarsson contains 9 beautiful songs:
1. Nicotine And The Backward Lounge
2. Centre
3. Death Tape
4. Stop
5. Sleep
6. It Doesnt Mean A Thing
7. Little Kafka
8. Yfirtonar
9. Wired To The Cold Metallic Scene
Interview with Bros. Agúst & Pétur Einarsson of the band Pornopop
What inspired you to record "And The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms"?
Ágúst: we had already made one album called “blue” which we did ’97 and have continued playing and writing together since then.
What does the album title mean to you?
Pétur: I just thought it sounded nice and very much linked to the vibe of the album.
The next album will probably be called “Christian girls are different”.
What was the process like? What are your roles?
Ágúst: When we went to the studio we had a some kind of a rock album in mind, some of the song now on the album had a very different sound then. We where lucky to know the producer Arnar Freyr Helgason and he saw the potential the songs could offer and was also willing to work long hours with us and our musical mood swings.
The process starts basically always with me and petur getting together with guitars and just play, but often it is Petur that comes with an idea and we finish it. I have played with many people but his voice and his talent for writing songs still blows me away. But you are most “fortunate” that you can hear me sing on his album in the song “sleep”.
This album took over 2 years in a studio to finish. We play all the instruments ourselves exept the drums and bass in some songs. Some of the drums where also programmed by Arnar Freyr.
How do you feel about doing songs in English?
Ágúst: Well, Icelandic is cool language but for us it comes more natural to write lyrics in english. Maybe because it sounds better.
Pétur: ...and maybe because of the possibility of fame and fortune.
Do you think your environment influences your music?
Ágúst: Yes, most definitely, because there is not much else to do here. During winter there is night all day around and to prevent getting bored we play music but during summer there is sunlight all the time so we also get our share of fun.
What are your plans for the next album?
Ágúst: Just go with the flow.
Pétur: and listening to a lot of eighties pop music.

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