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Apparat Organ Quartet Reunite @ Reykjavík Round Up / Réttir 2009

Apparat Organ Quartet Strikes Again
Apparat Organ Quartet have announced that they will perform at the Reykjavík Round Up Festival, scheduled for 23-26. September. They haven't performed on stage for a long time.
The Reykjavík Round Up event is a new and exciting addition to Iceland's festival calendar taking place at the end of September, and will feature performances from pretty much
every awesome Icelandic outfit currently active. Aside from Apparat, artists set to perform include FM Belfast, Mugison, Hjálmar, Hjaltalín, Ensími, Ólöf Arnalds and Sudden Weather Change, with more acts announced as the bash draws nearer.
Described as a rounding up of active participants in the Icelandic music scene, artists, record labels and event promoters, the four-day party is meant to bring them together and celebrate the creative spirit currently keeping Iceland from sinking into the ocean altogether, along with its debt.
As an active participant and promoter in and of the local music scene, the Reykjavík Grapevine is happy to participate in the round up, and will feature versions of its revered concert series, Grapevine Grand Rock and Grapevine Grassroots, at the party.
"Stereo Rock 'n Roll" Video

Apparat Organ Quartet Live @ Old Swimming Pool of Keflavík, Ljósanótt , 2006

Source: Grapevine Magazine Online

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