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Gorilla Einar Örn Benediktsson

EÖB & Mark E. Smith on Gorillaz Album - The missing link between Einar Örn, Mark E. & Damon is called Iceland
Einar Örn Benediktsson, nowadays in the duo Ghostigital, formerly the of colleague of Björk in the Sugarcubes, recorded a song @ London for the new album by Gorillaz. Gorillaz and formerly Blur frontman Damon Albarn is a longtime friend of Iceland (like me), and collaborated in the past with Einar Örn on the soundtrack for the movie "101 Reykjavik".
In the past Ghostigital remixed the Gorillaz song "Stop the dams", to be found on Gorillaz CD called "D-sides".
The recorded song contains vocals by EÖB & Mark E. Smith, the frontman of legendary band The Fall, who played live in Reykjavik in 1981 & 1983. And the supporting act of The Fall in Iceland in the 80s, was a few times Einar's punk band Purrkur Pillnikk: more in a previous post here.
One of the songs of The Fall is called "Iceland" , and is mentioning singer Megas ...:
A plate steel object was fired
And I did not feel for my compatriots
Hated even the core of myself
Not a matter of ill-health
It was fear of weakness deep in core of myself
The fact attainment was out of...

Mounting orations
To be humbled in Iceland
Sing of legend, sing of destruction
Witness the last of the god-men
Hear about Megas Jonsson *

Cast the runes against your own soul
There is not much more time to go
Work fifteen hours for the good of the soul
And be humbled in Iceland

Sit in the gold room
Fall down flat in the Cafe Iol*
Without a glance from the clientele
Good coffee black as well,
Hair blond as hell
Cast the runes against your own soul
Roll up for the underpants show
And be humbled in Iceland

And the spawn of the volcano
Is thick and impatient
Like the people around it.
See a green goblin redhead, redhead
Make a grab for the book of prayers.
Do anything for a bit of attention
Get humbled in Iceland

What the goddamn fuck is it?
That played the pipes of aluminum
A Memorex for the Krakens
That induces this rough text
And casts the runes against the self-soul
And humbles in Iceland
(Lyrics of the Fall song "Iceland")
Currently Ghostigital is working on a new album too.

Einar Örn & The Sugarcubes
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EÖB & Damon on stage in Iceland: "Stop the dams" (2006)

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