laugardagur, september 12, 2009

Interview with guitarist Arnar Pétursson of Mammút @ The Great Unknowns Music Exposé

Mammút is an Icelandic band and the featured artist of the week on The Great Unknowns Presents. While many listeners outside of Iceland may not understand a single lyric, make no mistake, they do speak the universal language of awesome rock music.
This 5-member band originally formed in 2004 with 2 boys and 3 girls no older than 16. Five years later, they are back with their second album, "Karkari".
They have a distinct Icelandic sound that is simular to the Iceland band, The Sugarcubes and Björk, but with an alternative rock kick to their sound.
Mammút has given themselves a lot of attention since they formed including winning the Battle of the Bands within just three months of coming together. They also won best album at the 2008 Kraumur Music Awards and were nominated for best album and best singer (Kata) at the 2009 Iceland Music Awards. Three songs, Svefnsykt, Geimthrá and Raudilaekur from their newest album, Karkari all made #1 on the only rock station. X-id-977. The song, Svefnsykt
was the 4th most played song in 2008.
Download Podcast (4 songs) @ here
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Mammút Live @ Rock Bar Dillon, April 2009

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