laugardagur, september 12, 2009

Míri Live @ Edinborg, Ísafjörður Video (July 2009)

A band from the East Fjords playing in the West Fjords
was born in 2003 @ the L.ung.A festival in Seyðisfjörður where Árni, Ívar & Hjalti met and decided to make some music together, soon Guðmundur joined them.
Óttar began to jam occasionally with them and in 2005 he joined the band.
The Album "Fallegt Þorp" was recorded live one night during the L.ung.A festival 2005. It's produced by Curver and features Björt Sigfinnsdóttir playing saxophone.
Live @ Edinborg, Ísafjörður 23. July 2009

Míri @ MySpace

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