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New Ben Frost Album "By the throat" Released on 19. October 2009

Aussie Ben Frost, based in Reykjavik, described by Wire Magazine as "Arvo Pärt as arranged by Trent Reznor", will release the album entitled "By the throat" on 19. October 2009 on Bedroom Community Label.
Album is produced by Frost &
Valgeir Sigurðsson (who collaborated with Björk, Coco Rosie, Bonnie “Prince” Billy), features performances by Icelandic quartet Amiina, Jeremy Gara of The Arcade Fire, Nico Muhly (also Icelandic connection & on Bedroom Community Label), Crowpath from Sweden.
A Video by Stuart Rogers (Iceland Airwaves podcast/ of Ben Frost, Valgeir, Sam Amidon
& Sigríður Sunna Reynisdóttir. Sound recorded & mixed by Sturla.
"Black" @ Airwaves '08 Festival @ Greenhouse Studios on 14. October 2008

A Marc Silver video with a score by Ben Frost

Ben Frost @ MySpace

Ether Machines

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