mánudagur, september 28, 2009

Song of the 131. Week is by DJ Musician: "I put my hand up in the air"

131. Song of the Week is DJ Musician's Song "I put my hand up in the air", featuring Foxy Princess. A song of his new Album "Sehr Gut Cocktail", released on Whitelabel on 11. September 2009.
There are 11 Tracks on this release:
1. Techno Liebe
2. Triumph Des Willens
3. Sehr Gut Cocktail
4. Rave Sehr Gut
5. I Love Happy Hour
6. Kristin Tanzt
7. Vodka Meloni
8. Siegersmusik
9. Open Your Heart
10. Sex On The Beach
11. I Put My Hand Up In The Air (with Foxy Princess)

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