þriðjudagur, september 01, 2009

New Video by The Go-Go Darkness for "It's Just That Song"

The Go-Go Darkness
"It's Just That Song"
The band was formed last year by Singapore Sling's frontman Henrik B. Björnsson & Elsa María Blöndal, a longtime partner in crime.
The Go-Go Darkness

Henrik, having done already 4 Albums with the band Singapore Sling, also started Bang Gang with his good friend Barði Jóhannson years ago, wanted to do something different besides Singapore Sling.

The video was shot and edited to resemble the way the songs were done: one camera, one shot, one light, one night of editing and kept raw. The video was made by Þórður Grímsson for The Two Step Horror.

The Go-Go Darkness @ MySpace

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