laugardagur, október 03, 2009

BE Aware: The Belgians are coming to Reykjavík

Before I'm heading to the capital on Thursday, the Belgian Dewaele Brothers hit the North Atlantic too. Stephen & David Dewaele (based in Ghent, East-Flanders) aka 2 Many DJs (and also Soulwax) are headlining the Eve-Online's Fanfest @ Laugardalshöll tonight. Their father Zaki is a famous Radio DJ.
Tonight's Schedule:
20:00 DJ Alienhand
21:00 DJ Margeir & his Symphony Orchestra conducts EVE Music
22:00 RöXöR
23:30 DJ Mokki & Maísól
00:00 2 Many DJ's
More @ Eve's Fanfest Website

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