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What goodies did I bring for myself - Yup, another suitcase full of Icelandic stuff

The friendly lady of Icelandair @ the desk @ Keflavik Airport allowed me to bring 36 kg instead of the 30 kg back home.
Got a lot of free albums of my Icelandic friends. Takk fyrir musick.
When I came home, the CD of The Men of the Year/Menn Ársins (Menn01)(2007) was waiting for me. Thx to Men of the Year!
Here's an overview of my new treasures:

"Rokk og Reykur Vestfirzk naglasúpa sem hvergi er fáanleg annarsstaðar" (2003) – A gift of Ólafur Ragnarsson POPP himself

I Bought @ Keflavík Airport before leaving:
Agent Fresco "Lightbulb Universe" (Kimi Records, 2008)
Benny Crespo’s Gang Debut Album (COD006, Cod Music/Sena )
Æla "Súnið tillitsemi, ég er frávik" (Geimsteinn, 2005)

I bought @ 12 Tonar:
The art box (CD & DVD) by Hellvar: "Hellvar ekki Helvar" (nr. 4 of 10)
Read more about this project here
Got the one and only UNUN t-shirt (exchanged it for one of this blog) Thx Jóhannes - what a joy!
The History of Unun (@ Unun Website)

Dr Gunni and Thor Eldon get together to form a band. Name Unun (meaning "Pleasure") is found while playing Scrabble. First singer Kristin joins. The threesome practise at Dr Gunni's flat on a 4-track.

Studio sessions for first Unun album start on the 1st of April. Band records a song with rock veteran Runar Jul which becomes a summer hit. While recording it becomes clear Kristin is not good enough. Panic sets in but Heida comes to save the day.
First album - ae - is finished with Heida singing. Ae comes out in the beginning of Dec. and Unun plays some promotion gigs with Dr Gunni on bass, Thor on guitar, Heida on voc and guitar, Obo on drums and Johann Johannsson on keyboards. Johann co-produced ae and is later to become part of Lhooq.

Ae is voted best album of 1994 in Iceland. Having a surprise hit Unun plays a lot gaining large audience in Reykjavik and outside. In the spring the band starts to translate the Icelandic lyrics into English. The results come out as Super shiny dreams on Bad Taste in USA and Europe. Sales are slim. In the summer Unun record two cover songs with Paul Oscar = big summer hits. In the fall Unun plays in Danmark, France and Switzerland. Now Matthias Hemstock (drums) and Valgeir Sigurdsson (keyboards) have join the band.

Unun supports Bjork on 3 dates in England. Interest is high for Unun in foreign courters. Lots of nice record company people take Unun out for dinner and Unun plays for good people in Iceland and abroad. Still no recording deal but Unun signs
publishing deal with Polygram. Unun plays Eurospotting festival in Danmark.

Unun plays at the Roskilde festival in Danmark. Deceptive signs Unun and releases two singles. So-so reviews. In native Iceland Dr. Gunni releases children album "Abba babb!" and "The Farting People" becomes a big hit.

Deceptive drops Unun. Unun is like a very tired horse waiting to be slaughtered but still manages to put out "Bones", a 4 track leftover ep. Finally Dr. Gunni and Heida say; "Enough of this, let's have some action", and go into the studio to make "Otta", the 2nd album. All other members quit but three new members join; Birna on keyboards, Viddi on bass and Doddi on drums. The new Unun plays in Iceland.

In March Unun makes a wonderful and successful tour to Oslo, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

I got @ Valdi’s Shop:
Ampop "My delusions" (DCD026, Dennis/Sena, 2005)
Ampop "Made for market" (DCD028, Dennis/Sena, 2006)
Leaves "We are shadows" (BAK001, 2009)
Slugs Debut Album (Smekkleysa, 2008)
Vonbrigði "Tapir" (Von002)

Found Second Hand:
Cynic Guru "Iceland" (SCD326, Sena, 2005)
Some vinyl stuff on Gramm (Bubbi) & The Outsiders @ Kolaportið

In the Icelandair plane:
"Icelandic folktales – Elves, Trolls and Mythic Creatures" (Heyr Heyr, 2008)

I Bought @ Nordic House after their gig :
Pascal Pinon (2009) Numbered EP (nr. 17)

@ IDA:
Hafdís Huld "Synchronised Swimmers" (SCD434, Sena, 2009)
Hinn íslenzki Þursaflokkur "Þursabit" (Sena, 2009)
Hoffmann "Your secrets are safe with us" (Hoff01, 2009)
Lady & Bird "La ballade of Lady & Bird – A project by Keren Ann Zeidel & Barði Jóhannsson" (Bang, 2009)
múm "Sing along to songs you don’t know" (Morr Music // Euphono Records, 2009)
Trúbrot "…Lifun" (Sena, 2009)

Gift of Iceland Airwaves Festival:
Helgi Valur The Shemales vs. The White Panthers Extended Play Showdown
Ingi "Human Oddities" (Bastard Records, 2008)
Sudden Weather Change "Stop! Handgrenade in the name of Crib Death ‘nderstand?" (Kimi Records, 2009)
Weapons "A ditch in time" (Future Records, 2008)
"Book Project: Iceland - Music/Art/Fashion" by Charlie Strand - Includes 1 CD

Gift of Heiða í Hellvar/Unun:
Blindfold (Dennis/Sena, 2005)
Fabúla "Dusk"
Helgi Rafn "Personal Belongings" (FCD 026, Frost Music, 2006)
"Jólalagasamkeppni Rásar 2 árið 2005" (2005)
"Landslag Bulgjunnar 2001" (Skifan, 2001)
"L’amour fou – Íslensku Lögun"
"Minni Karla Skuggasveinar flytje lög Tony Joe White" (Sena, 2008)
Ragnheiður Gröndal "Þjóðlög" (12Tónar, 2006)

Gift of Haukur of Reykjavík! & Grapevine Magazine editor:
Sökudólgarnir "Líf & Fjör" (2008)
Maus "Nánast ólöglegt" (2002)
Vilhjálmur og Elly Vilhjálms Vilhjálmur og Elly Vilhjálms systkinin syngja saman (Sena, 2006)
A Reykjavik! Button

Gift of Balli of Kimi Records, soon based in Belgium (what a great news was that):
Me, the slumbering Napoleon "The bloody core of it"

Bought @ Havari:
DVD Magazine Rafskinna # 3 (2009)
DYS "Andspyrna" (PBP005, 2009)

And not to forget the real first recording of Björk on vinyl... 32 years old (1977). Thx to Elvar.

Thank you all for the great time pré/@/post-Airwaves!
Back for more next year.
But the suitcase was heavy & hard to handle.

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That's a lot of music!

Glad to hear that you have received the Menn Ársins CD!

You can check out the EPK if you like (includes some live recordings (mp3)).