miðvikudagur, október 21, 2009

"Cover me" - Exclusively For Julia Staples

Julia Staples: Sorry that I didn't make it to your exhibition. Thanks for bringing the R! & more goodies & hope to see the results of our hopefully funny collaboration @ The Volcano Show & Hotel Holt.

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julia sagði...

It's gonna be awesome. I'll let you know when the picture is ready and you can post it here! xx

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hi Julia,
I'm looking forward to see your photographs/photoshopping.
"The making of" was fun, although not easy to get good pictures. Even @ Hotel Holt & The Red Rock Cinema/Villi's Volcano Show.
A lot of foreigners know Villi, but most Icelanders don't.
He's writing a biography.
Maybe you can put him in Grapevine one day!?
Thanks for the Grapevine collaboration,
Vid sjaumst,