laugardagur, október 24, 2009

How to pronounce - Yup, another update

The boys of Sprengjuhöllin go for it. Not changing your difficult Icelandic band name, but keep it.
While performing @ Halifax, Canada, they learned their audience some Icelandic.
Very good mates. Meet too many people who call themselves lovers of Icelandic music but can't pronounce their favorite artists like Björk, Sigur Rós, múm, etc.
Maybe next time @ Airwaves an off-venue @ Nordic House with Toggi or Hafdis Huld?:
How to pronounce Icelandic band names like a real Icelander. Let the Belgian Boys & Girls of StuBru in for free please. It's irritating to hear them say Sigur Rós. It's even a Flemish word: "roos", and not "ros" (Flemish: red hair). And the British journalists who still can't say Björk correctly. It's a sad world. Sigur Rós put an mp3 with the correct pronounciation on their website (posted in the past on this blog).

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