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Flippism is the key - Walking through R'vik with Professor Batty

Back home in Belgium with 36 kg of stuff, some dirty stuff, but most of it is music related of course. Lots of free stuff this time, but without a doubt I supported the local economy while having UNUN (fun/joy).
The only Cash they have in Iceland right now, is the good old Johnny Cash @ Sodoma Reykjavik: he waves you goodbye while leaving the place where once was Iceland's most notorious bar. Oh yes, and where you still had the possibility to experience the most funny (in a sad way) toilet downtown.
I've seen up to 15 gigs a day during a stay of 12 nights in the most northly capital in the world. Experienced the most heavy storm in 17 years on my way to Gogoyoko/Grapevine night @ Grand Rokk with Mr. Fogg (UK), Mordingjarnir, Feldberg & Jeff Who?
Only a few good people where there, competing with to tributes: 1 with Yoko Ono @ John Lennon Tribute & an Alice in Chains Tribute.
The night before had a good boost with 9 bands on stage in an unheated Oktoberfest @ University ground, nearby my Hotel Saga.
A lot of good memories who will last 4ever: catch you later with my latest catch of magazines, articles, own videos (more than 30 GB) & lots of my photographs & impressions of a country in Kreppa but not a crappy nation, but since April 2009 you can even "listen" to the Krona (feat. Biggi Maus).
Maybe I'll tell you later about another way of paying: exchanging stuff...

I'm to tired to post a lot right now, but to keep you busy while I'm recovering of my 5. Edition Iceland Airwaves Festival in a row, enjoy the excellent blog by Professor Batty. He is a longtime follower of my blog but now I met him in real life for the first time in Nordic House, one of the best off-venues this year. A lot of times he was on the right place @ the right time for some historical moments... musical & non-musical, with & without my help.
Go to:
Flippism is the Key!
for an alternative Airwaves report.

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