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Classic Icelandic Albums (CIA) # 10: "Jet Black Joe" by Jet Black Joe

# 10
"Jet Black Joe" (1992)
By Jet Black Joe
Jet Black Joe was an Icelandic grunge pop-rock band. The band was formed in 1991 and became popular very quickly. They even had some success overseas and released albums & singles in Europe and Asia.
This album was the debut of Jet Black Joe.
In 1991 the 22 year old guitarist Gunnar Bjarni Ragnarsson (a member of the bands Bootlegs & Boneyard) met the singer of the band "Nirvana" from Hafnarfjörður Páll Rósinkrans (17 y) during the Merchants’ Weekend (Verslunarmannahelgina). The duo found a bass player in the band Nabblastrengir (Umbilical Cords) Starri Sigurðarson (17 y), followed by a drummer from the town Garðabaer Jón Örn Arnarson (17 y) & finally keyboardplayer & guitarist Hrafn Thoroddsen (18 years) joined the band.
The album was recorded @ Studio Gnyr.
Record was released on 22. October 1992 by Steinar Label.
Album sold 7000 copies in Iceland.
The band members on this album:
Pall Rósinkrans on vocals & backing vocals, Gunnar Bjarni Ragnarsson on guitar, Starri Sigurðarson on bass, Hrafn Thoroddsen on keyboards, Jón Örn Arnarson on drums.
Eyþór Arnalds played cello & his wife Móeiður Júníusdóttir (better known as singer Móa) did some backing vocals.
Eyþór Arnalds of the band Todmobile produced the album in collaboration with the band.
Cover photograph was made by Eiður Snorri Eysteinsson (Snorrarnir/Snorri Bros fame).
Songs on the album:
1. Take me away
2. Lazy old sun (Ray Davies)
3. Rain
4. Stepping stone
5. I'm in a Dream I'm
6. Falling

7. Listen to the wind
8. Chicks in the house
9. Suck my thing
10. Big fat stone
11. Coming in

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