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Upcoming gigs in Reykjavík in August 2010 - An Update

Where to go for some good live music the next weeks in August 2010?
Reykjavík Jazz Festival
14-29. August 2010
The annual Reykjavik Jazz Festival is an increasingly prestigious event on the international jazz scene. It features many acclaimed international Jazz players as well as Iceland’s leading Jazz musicians.
Saturday 14. August 2010
Severed Crotch Release Concert @ Sódóma, Tryggvagata 22 @ 22:00. Free Admisson
Supported by more metal: Anglist, Manslaughter & Gone Postal
Sunday 15. August
Memfismafian - A Children's Show @ Nordic House @ 13:00
Wednesday 18. August
Kaylee Cole (Seattle, USA) & Lára @ Faktorý. Doors @ 21:00. Start @ 22:00.
Thursday 19. August
Múgsefjun, Nóra & Nista @ Faktorý. Doors @ 21:00. Start @ 22:00. Admission 500 IKR
Nista is an Icelandic/Canadian band with members Stína Ágústsdóttir, Tommi Gunnarsson, Phil Coulombe & Jérôme Payette.
Nista @ MySpace
Nögl, Dark Harvest, Skálmöld, Gone Postal, Vicky & DJ Dadi @ Sódóma Reykjavík @ 20:00
Friday 20. August
Menn Ársins & DJ Elli @ Hressó @ 22:00
Grapevine Grassroots @ Hemmi & Valdi @ 21:00
Ice on Fire # 2 @ Faktorý @ 22:00
Endless Dark, Nevolution, Bróðir Svartúlfs, Nögl, Morning After Youth, A Reason To Believe
DJ Biggi Maus @ 00:00
Pearl Jam Tribute Concert @ Sódóma. Doors @ 23:00. Start @ 00:00. Admission 1500 IKR.
Tribute Band Members are: Magni Ásgeirsson (singer), Franz Gunnarsson (guitar), Haraldur V. Sveinbjörnsson (guitar/singer), Stefán Ingimar Þórhallsson (drums) & Birgir Kárason (bass)
Saturday 21. August
Of Monsters And Men & Just Another Snake Cult @ Havarí, Austurstræti 6 @ 16:00
Seabear Culture Night Concert @ Sódóma Reykjavík. Supporting Act Munnfylli Af Galli. Admission 1000 IKR
Reykjavik Culture Night
21. August 2010
Menningarnótt or Culture Night is a yearly event @ R'vik, usually on the first Saturday after the 18th of August. It was created by the Reykjavík city council, and has now become one of the largest festivals in Iceland, rivalling the celebration of Iceland's National Day on 17. June. It is estimated that as many as 100,000 people attend the annual concerts and festivities conducted in central Reykjavík, a staggeringly high percentage of Iceland's total population of 315,000 and Reykjavík's population of nearly 118,000.The festival often consists of a main stage in the city centre and many smaller events mostly in the city's centre but also spread over the city. The highlight of the festival is often an outside concert on the main stage by 3-4 of the most popular musicians in Iceland followed by a rather glamorous fireworks show.
Culture Night
Downtown Concert
14:00 Norwegian Choir - Skjervøy Koret
14:15 Herdís Þórvaldsdóttir reads Norwegian
15:00 Norwegian choir - Untak
15:15 Ragnhild Rostrup - Accordion
15:40 Ellen Kristjáns
16:00 Norwegian Choir - Trivselkoret Rolvsøy
16:15 Rósa Jóhannesdóttir - Traditional Norwegian violin
16:40 Tribute to Erla Þórsteins
17:00 Norwegian Choir - Mannskoret Ørnen
17:15 Lindy Hopp
18:30 Sing for me Sandra
19:00 Liima Inui (GL)
19:30 Árstíðir
20:00 Marte Heggelund & Jørgen Rief (NO)
20:30 Moses Hightower
21:00 Orphic Oxtra
21:30 Retro Stefson

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