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Icelandic Music @ Freyja Festival @ Točník 7. August 2010

Freyja Festival
Islandský hudební festival
7. August
@ 17:00
Icelandic Music Festival
(40km West from Prague on highway to Pilsner)
Czech Republic

Agent Fresco
Agent Fresco are an Icelandic "polyrythmic oddtime rock with jazz and funk influence". Band formed in 2008 just weeks prior to competing in the Músíktilraunir (An Icelandic version of Battle of the Bands) which they won. They also won ‘best guitar’, ‘best drumming’ and ‘best bass playing’. Their first hit was LP was Lightbulb Universe which won a ‘Kraumur Award’.
The Icelandic guitar quartet Æla affects with its music deep-rooted image of dark North and introvert Scandinavians. Band based on its directness and music simplicity is off the cuff catchy tunes with sharp guitar and creates so Icelandic equivalent of British punk-rock bands. The difference from interchangeable three chord guitar bands is that the musicians from Æla mix its sonic cocktail with some Icelandic singularity and originality. This catchy mixture guaranteed them reputation of often debated band in Europe.
The sextuplet of indie-rock fops is said to learn how to musically interpret the beauty of island nature already two thousand years ago when they were scorched by hot lava of Hekla volcano. Regarding their music imagination, Iceland looks like sharp guitar riffs, sarcastic singing and sometimes almost hard-core aggression. The music basics of original named band Reykjavík! stand in mostly energetic rhythmics. This makes Reykjavík! one of the groups whose music excels the best at live concert.
Icelandic DJs
& Czech bands 2!

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