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Iceland Airwaves goes Akureyri / goes USA / goes UK

Yesterday I posted about Iceland Airwaves @ London again.
But there's more to say.
The festival is not only going south, but also west (USA) & north (Akureyri, the capital of the North).
Enjoy Bloodgroup, Endless Dark, Sjálfsprottin Spévísi & Buxnaskjónar for a special Airwaves warm-up show on Saturday 28. August 2010 @ Græni Hatturinn, Akureyri.
Free admission!

Iceland Airwaves
Icelandic Music
Campus Tour 2010

Iceland Airwaves hit 3 USA student campuses across 3 weekends in September.

Balladeer Helgi Jónsson will perform between 7-9. September 2010, playing his haunting, soulful harmonies for guitar and piano @ the Barnard College @ Hewitt Dining Hall from 6pm-9pm (7. September), Juilliard and SAB @ The Juilliard & SAB Café from 5pm-8pm (8. September), FIT outside Starbucks from 6pm-9pm (9. September).

Blues, folk and country artist Lay Low - “the Patsy Cline of Iceland” - will perform between 14-17. September 2010. Her first show is @ Farmingdale State College @ Knapp Hall @ 5:00pm on 14. September, then she will play LIU Brooklyn @ Blackbird Café @ 7:00pm (15. September) and CW Post @ Winnick Student Center @ 7:00pm on 17. September.

Last but not least, Mugison will play some dates the following weekend, from Drew @ Drew University in The Commons from 5-8pm on 20. September: NYU @ the Palladium @ 7pm on 21. September, and Rutgers in Stonsby Commons from 6-8pm on 22. September.

As an additional draw, celebrity Master Chef Hilmar Jónsson will bring the fresh, delicious seafood of Iceland to a cafeteria near you as part of the Icelandic USA campus tour. Cod, arctic char and even shrimp tacos will be on the menu.

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