mánudagur, ágúst 09, 2010

Sólstafir @ Metal Hammer Night @ Ja Ja Ja Music @ The Lexington, London 16. September 2010

Ja Ja Ja Music goes Metal
@ The Lexington

Pentonville Rd, London @ 19.00
Curated by Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas
The Metal Edition of April was cancelled 'cause of the Icelandic volcanic eruption & ash cloud.
A second try for the metal night next month.
A line-up with Icelandic Viking/black metal band Sólstafir, whose name means “crepuscular rays”, and whose music has been described as “like the sounds from the bedroom as Darkthrone rapes The Doors while fingerbanging Bathory”. You get the idea!

Next up will be veteran Finnish speed metal outfit Thunderstone who formed in 2000 and have been slaying audiences ever since with albums like 2002’s Thunderstone, 2004’s and their recent (2009) Dirt Metal.
Last but not least come Norway’s Kvelertak, described as “brutally catchy punkrock/metal with a taste of groovy darkness”. Their debut album has gone down a storm and the band are well known for their furious live energy.

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