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Severed Crotch & friends @ Sódóma Rekjavík 14. August 2010

Severed Crotch @ Sódóma Rekjavík
14. August 2010 @ 22:00
Severed Crotch celebrate the release of debut album "The Nature of Entropy"
Drummer Gunnar is leaving Iceland so this is Severed Crotch's last show in Iceland for @ least a year.
The Director's Cut of the Video for the song
"Spawn of Disgust"
Directed by Bjarni Gautur. Cinematography by Bjarni Gautur & Diljá Sævarsdóttir. Produced by Einar Alexander.

Severed Crotch @ MySpace
with supporting bands
Gone Postal Gone Postal @ MySpace
Manslaughter Manslaughter @ MySpace
Angist Angist @ MySpace
+ one more band
Free Admission

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