laugardagur, ágúst 28, 2010

The Weird Girls Project goes Mexico Par Avion

The Weird Girls Project
Concept, Artistic Director and Producer: Kitty Von-Sometime
Technical Director, Director of Photography, Editing and Post Production: Arnar Valdimarsson
Official Photographers: Ben Mathis / James Wyld
Theme song: "Par Avion" by FM Belfast
Kitty, a staff member at CCP Games, went on the employee run Fun Division company holiday to Puerta Vallarta, Mexico in April and decided that it was a prime opportunity to produce a piece whilst there, utilising the growing number of female staff in the company. 8 women who work at CCP had taken part in previous episodes of the Project and Kitty opened this to members of staff from the Shanghai and Atlanta office as well - building to 25 women who took part.
This Special took place under the usual constraints of the project: The women involved did not know what costumes or concept they would be taking part in. But unlike the standard Episodes the crew also had no preparation and improvisation was forefront. The other difference is that the filming took place in under 4 hours compared to 14+ hours on a standard Weird Girls Episode.

FM Belfast

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