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Icelandic Recording Studios - Part 2: Stúdíó Sýrland - Sundlaugin

Stúdíó Sýrland
Studio Sýrland was founded in 1988. They have 2 recordings studios. The second Album by The Sugarcubes, "Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week" was recorded in the studio, designed by David Hawkins (who worked for the Abbey Road Studios). Many of Iceland's greatest artists have recorded @ Stúdíó Sýrland. The second studio in Skúlatún 4, Stúdíó Írak, is Iceland's only specialized mastering studio for CD and DVD publications.
History of Studio Sýrland
Members of the bands Stuðmenn & Þursaflokkurinn started a stúdíó "Grettisgat" in the garage of singer Egill Ólafsson @ Grettisgata street. In the year 1988 Stúdíó Sýrland moved to Skúlatún 4. In 1991 Skífan bought Stúdíó Sýrland.

Sundlaugin (Swimming Pool) is/was the working space of the band Sigur Rós @ Mosfellsbær, a suburb of Iceland's capital. Many alternative Icelandic artists have recorded, mixed and mastered here. For example amiina, Mugison, Petur Ben, Jeff Who?, múm, slowblow & Benni Hemm Hemm. High ceilings and wide walls along with the 3 iso-booths make it favorable for live recordings and big drum sounds. The control room is 35 sqm with a view overlooking the main recording area on one side and five large windows on the other that provide a nice, relaxing working environment.
History of Sundlaugin studio
The Studio is built in a small converted swimming pool, built by an Icelandic enterpreneur in the 1930s. The house has been completely refurbished to accommodate its new purpose.

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