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Retro Stefson News: Album Cover & Two Concerts 26. & 28. December

Retro Stefson is getting a New Cover for their Debut Album "Montaña".
Albums with grey cover are sold out.
New Cover of the Album

is a photograph of the band taken by Þorleifur Örn Gunnarsson this summer.
In Fréttabladid Newspaper the original cover was called one of the most ugly album covers of the year 2008 recently.
Retro Stefson is playing 2 concerts this year:
one @ NASA together with Sprengjuhöllin, Hjaltalín & FM Belfast 26. December;

a second one Jólarokk @ The Icelandic Opera together with For a Minor Reflection, XXX Rottweilerhundar, Ólafur Arnalds & Ultra Mega Technóbandid Stefán 28. December.

Retro Stefson @ www.myspace.com/retrostefsonmusic
Label: http://www.kimirecords.net/

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