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Skakkamanage Releases 2nd Album "All over the face"

Especially for Matthias: Fresh and crispy icelandic new-wave of Skakkamanage
"All Over the Face" is the second LP from the band Skakkamanage and follows up the highly praised "Lab of Love" which the group released two years ago. Skakkamanage goes all over the place on "All Over the Face", the album contains both bittersweet ballads and noise-rock - and everything in between. And the overall sound is so thick and juicy that you could easily feast on it.
Skakkamanage are Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson (guitar and vocals), Berglind Häsler (piano, synthezisers and vocals), Þormóður Dagsson (drums) and Örn Ingi Ágústsson (bass). During the recordings Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason came to visit them and played harmonica and did some backing vocals.
The multi-talented Orri Jónsson produced the album and it was mostly recorded live on multitrack tape in the Slowblow studio. The temperature was high within in the walls of the studio and some of the bandmembers were forced to be admitted to a rehabilitation center. It should be noted that Orri decided to take a long leave from record production when this project had come to an end.
Skakkamanage was founded five years ago by a few energetic kids and they themselves are responsible for the release of the new album with a good support from Kimi Records. The band have played loads of concerts in Iceland and they also played a part in the notorious icelandic expansion abroad. The kids in Skakkamanage gladly gamble with everything they have and they have nothing to lose.
The release concerts of Skakkamanage will be anounced later on but untill then we encourage everyone to invest in All Over the Face which can be bought in every good record store.

"Like you did"

It can also be purchased on the Kimi webstore: http://kimi.grapewire.net
Source: Press Release

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