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Videos shot in Iceland - Part 9: Echo & The Bunnymen "The Cutter

Echo and the Bunnymen
"The Cutter" Video featuring "Gullfoss" (The Golden Waterfall) in wintertime. First song on their Album "Porcupine", released 1983.
Wikipedia about this Album:
Deciding that he (Director Butt) wanted the videos to reflect the frigid feel of the music on the album. Butt chose to shoot the videos in Scotland. However, it was not certain that there would be enough snow in Scotland during November so Iceland was chosen as the location to shoot the videos.

Filming took place on and near the frozen Gullfoss waterfall near Reykjavik. Feeling it was a dangerous process, McCulloch said in 1993, "If we had slipped there wasn't anything for hundreds of feet below us." In 2001 Griffin said, "[...] the sun barely appeared the whole time we were there. To walk, stand up, or just think seemed a massive effort." Despite the danger the filming proved its worth when the British music magazine Q said in 2001, "The Porcupine cover is the epitome of rock band as heroic archetype – young men on some ill-defined but glorious mission, one easily as timeless as the stars and the sea." Describing the album cover, journalist Dave Rimmer wrote in British music magazine Smash Hits, "Iceland does seem an appropriate location for this group. It's isolated, cold, bleak and fits perfectly with the moody image they've attracted to themselves."

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Alex sagði...

First time I saw this -- very cool!

Oddly enough, I've been to Gulfoss in November -- it's pretty spectacular, but didn't seem particularly dangerous.

Wim Van Hooste sagði...

Hi Alex,

Slippery when wet or icy. Some tourists died by falling in Icelandic waterfalls.
Dettifoss, in the North, is the most powerfull waterfall of Europe. Always wet in the surroundings of it.
When I visited Iceland the first time in 1991, I nearly felt in a waterfall while making some photos.

Take care,