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Interview with For a Minor Reflection: A Day in the Life @ Iceland Review

Guffi and Kjarri met during a game of strip poker swallowed by a conversation about Pink Floyd and blues and formed the skeleton of what was to become a rising star in the constellation of Icelandic post rock music
For a Minor Reflection.
The quartet comprising of 19-year-olds Kjartan Hólm (Kjarri) – Guitar, Gudfinnur Sveinsson (Guffi) – Guitar, Elvar J. Gudmundsson – Bass and Jóhannes Ólafsson (Jói) – Drums, recently toured Europe opening for Sigur Rós where I saw them in Alexandra Palace in London.
As regular blokes they are still juggling between nurturing their music and their regular daily life in Iceland.
So, being the curious type (and perhaps slightly obsessive, though I stress slightly. After all what good is a life in journalism if you don’t abuse your press pass to talk to people you otherwise wouldn’t?) I endeavored to find out what the daily life of an up-and-coming Icelandic band looks like, and luckily the homegrown boys of FaMR obliged.

I heard you started off as a hard rock duo, how did you go from there to your current sound?
For a Minor Reflection started as a blues quartet actually. But that didn’t last for long. One day Kjarri came with an idea to a song which was totally different than anything we’d done before, that song is called “Óhljód”, so I guess that’s the song that started this all. Ever since For a Minor Reflection has just been an Alternative Rock band.
What are you trying to say with your music, or rather since you guys don't have lyrics, what are you trying to get people to feel with your music?
We want people to feel warm, happy, sad—and all there between.
You guys are pretty young, do you still live with your parents?
Yes, of course. Couldn’t live without them. Actually Jói doesn’t, his parents live in the countryside but he lives in Reykjavík.
What do your daily routines look like?
Going to school or work and having a coffee. Going to a band practice or playing a concert and arriving home late and going to sleep.
What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Nothing, never time.
Favorite Icelandic beverage?
Thule (beer), Víking (beer), brennivín [a.k.a. black death] and water.
What do you do daily that you can't imagine living without?
Playing music and having a good time with our friends, families and girlfriends.
What do you own that you use daily, and could not imagine living without?
iPods and instruments.
What's your favorite home smell (i.e. kleinur (twisted Icelandic doughnuts), coffee, your flat mate's morning cigarette)?
The smell of our parents’ fart.
Where's your favorite place to hang out?
Probably all together in our rehearsal space, playing Pink Floyd and chilling out.
Do you guys rehearse daily?
Depends if we’re rehearsing for something special. Usually we rehearse two to three times a week.
Do you think your surroundings influence you and the music you make, and if so how?
Yes of course. How people act around you, what you see and everything influences you, and therefore the music you play.
Does nature influence you guys at all (I always thought if the Icelandic countryside was a music genre it'd be post rock)?
Haha. Yes, we all have strong connections to the countryside and the Icelandic nature influences us, like everything around us!
What do you see on a daily basis that you hate?
The band’s teddy bear. He’s a drug addict and a drunk!

Source: NÁ of Iceland Review

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