laugardagur, desember 13, 2008

Icelandic Recording Studios - Part 1: Tankurinn

Tankurinn @ Sólbakki 425, Flateyri
Tankurinn is a recording studio located a short distance from the village Flateyri in Önundarfjord in the far north west of Iceland.
The studio is housed in a tank constructed in 1925 and initially used for storing fish oil. The tank had a 1,4 million litre capacity, but was used as a tank for only about 10 or 15 years.
In 1980, the tank was transformed into a building and operated as a boat factory. It has been a carpentry workshop and a bait works, and now begins life as a recording studio.
A large number of renovations have been made to the building in order to make it suitable for studio work.
The building is about 340 m2 in size and is divided into two floors. The live room on the second floor is 110 m2, and and 4,2 meters in height. The control room, also on the second floor, is about 40 m2. We have one vocal booth (second floor), one amp room (second floor), one 30-40 m2 live room (first floor).
There is also about 60-70 m2 in lounge space (first floor), with kitchen facilities where folks can cook and relax. Step outside the studio and you are immediately in the midst of the extraordinary landscape of the fjord.
Vicky recorded their Debut Album "Pull Hard" in Tankurinn this year. And GusGus just finished their recordings for their new Album "24/7".

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