föstudagur, desember 05, 2008

Iceland Symphony Orchestra Nominated for Grammy

The Iceland Symphony Orchestra & Rumon Gamba, the orchestra’s main conductor, have been nominated for the respected Grammy Awards for their album on the work of French composer Vincent d’Indy, released by British record label Chandos earlier this year.
“It is a gem in the nation’s ownership but the nation needed to be informed of it by foreigners,” Thröstur Ólafsson, the managing director of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, told Fréttabladid. “It is the highest recognition that can be achieved in music; it’s the Oscar in that genre.”
“It isn’t often that a politician is speechless, but now I have become speechless with joy,” said MP Illugi Gunnarsson, chairman of the board of the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.
“It is so pleasing to see this recognition being granted when I have watched how this talented, well-educated group has given its all,” Gunnarsson added.
Source: Iceland Review Online

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