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Mugison goes on Icesave Tour

Mugison on Tour in Europe
Icelandic singer-songwriter Mugison is currently touring Britain, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands, countries where account holders in Icelandic banks have lost their savings, primarily through the infamous Icesave deposits.
“We’re going to call it the Icesave tour,” Mugison told Fréttabladid, adding that he does not worry how people in these countries will react to him being Icelandic. “We played in Britain the other day and everyone was exceptionally nice.”
“But when we played in Belgium, this one woman went crazy,” Mugison added. “We played for 55 minutes and I was not in the mood for encore. […] She said she had paid 12 euros [USD 15] and that the [Icelandic] nation had stolen even more money from her. She demanded a one-hour show.”
Mugison said he had solved the problem by playing two songs for the woman privately. “She was very pleased and didn’t demand a refund. Her friend even recorded it on YouTube.”
On Sunday Mugison was interviewed by Danish newspaper Politiken. “I was in an idiot column where they ask irritating questions,” he said and went on to explain:
“They asked how I felt about people planning to show up to my concert with tomatoes and eggs. I said that they should by all means but not throw it at me, just give it to me so I could sell it at Bónus [an Icelandic budget grocery chain store].”
Source: Iceland Review Online
Mugison Tour Dates in December:
06/12: All Tomorrows Parties - Minehead (UK)
07/12: Doornroosje – Nijmegen (NL)
08/12: Hafenklang – Hamburg (D)
09/12: Loppen – Kopenhagen (DK)
10/12: Voxhall – Arhus (DK)
11/12 : Posten – Odense (DK)
12/12 : Studenterhuset – Alborg (DK)
13/12 : State X Festival - Paard - Den Haag (NL)
14/12 : Admiralspalast – Berlin (D)
15/12 : München – Orangehouse (D)
16/12 : Grabenhalle - St Gallen (CH)

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