sunnudagur, október 12, 2008

Banks gave Iceland a bad name - I hope music gives Iceland it's good name back!

The island that tried to buy the world - Building Pyramid (schemes) in Iceland
For 20 years I'm doing my best in promoting Iceland as well as Icelandic music. First most people didn't know anything about it, or hated the country because of the whaling history. But The Sugarcubes & Björk, followed by GusGus, Sigur Rós, múm among others, put Iceland on the world map as "Ibiza" or "Jamaica of the North".
The 3 major Icelandic banks succeeded in demolishing Iceland's worldwide good reputation in 6 years, as becoming the "Zimbabwe" or "Africa of the North". Where's John Cleese when you need him the most?
Maybe the financial troubles brings us good Icelandic music the next years.

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rickdog sagði...

"the love of money" has corrupted bankers and high-placed executives all around the world. iceland is not alone in this, by any means.