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IMX "You are in Control" @ Hotel Saga 15-16. October 2008

“You are in Control,” an international conference organized by Iceland Music Export (IMX) & the Trade Council of Iceland on the latest trends in music and media will be held at Hótel Saga in Reykjavík October 15-16.
"Now is the time to look forward and focus on the positive things Iceland has to offer to the international community. Music is definitely one of our strong points and we look forward to discussing the opportunities offered for creative industries in the digital space both with our fellow countrymen where many are leading exciting initiatives, as well as with our international friends who have all confirmed that they are coming to Iceland and participating in the conferenceAnna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir, marketing director of Iceland Music Export, said in a statement.
Wednesday, 15. October
9.00 – Registration
9.30 – Conference opens
09.40 – Presentation - Jane Dyball: “All I Need” – The Radiohead One Stop Licensing Experiment
Amongst the furore of the “pay as much as you like” download of In Rainbows, another groundbreaking initiative on the album was quietly starting. Digital rights in the master recordings were consolidated with publishing rights, and performing rights were taken out of societies. Thus the “one stop shop” for licensing was created so that anyone who wanted a digital license on this album from anywhere in the world only had to go to one place, Warner/Chappell Music, to get all necessary rights. Jane Dyball, who initiated and ran the experiment explains why and how.
10.30 – Panel: Can We Control The Internet?
Mark Chung, Freibank Music and chairman of VTU, Árni Matthíasson, Morgunbladid (, Margrét Sigurðardóttir, University of Iceland, Eiríkur Tómasson, STEF.
Moderator: Paul Brindley, Music Ally
Label associations around the world have sued thousands of file sharers but new solutions are now being proposed. France looks set to start disconnecting the most persistent sharers while the UK is considering various alternatives from bandwidth throttling, to forcing ISPs to monitor their networks to control file sharing. Does legislation have a role in controlling the internet? If so, what kind of role should it play? How effective can technical measures ever be in controlling the unlicensed usage of music?
11.45 – Presentation - Laura Seach: The Ninja's Way of Getting Around the Digital Marketplace
Laura Seach, Head of Digital for Ninja Tune, speaks about digital marketing, with an emphasis on practical approaches to promoting music in the marketplace. She will share some of the wisdom acquired by her through her work with Ninja Tune, promoting artists such as Coldcut, Roots Manuva, Pop Levi, Mr. Scruff and Amon Tobin.
12.15 – Lunch
13.15 – Presentation of Einar Örn Benediktsson: Upstairs/Downstairs, If Now Was Then
Einar Örn Benediktsson compares The Sugarcubes & Ghostigital – his approach – the different methods for the creative process and to reach an audience. If Now was Then, how would The Sugarcubes plot have been? Would it be different. How is he using the latest trends of the internet through the websites which he manages and how is he using it for his own project Ghostigital.
14.00 – Panel: Live Work And Digital Promotion
Ólafur Arnalds, musician, Petri Lunden, Hagenburg, Emanuelle De Decker, Blue Frog, Allan North, Plum Promotion, Fruzsina Szep, Music Export Hungary
Moderator: Adam Lewis, Planetary Group
How to develop artist career through the live scene. From the smallest venues to the arenas – what does it take. The importance of live. How to survive until you start earning from your live shows. Predicting the future and how to use the opportunities the digital space offers.
15.00 – Coffee break
15.30 – Panel: Is DIY really a practice way of getting results or are the majors still important?
Mugison, musician, Julie Weir, Visible Noise, Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason, musician/múm, Ariel Hyatt, Ariel Publicity.
Moderator: Chris Barrett, Music Week
Huge international acts are increasingly finding independent routes to market with their star status guaranteeing a receptive fan base, and mass media attention effectively providing free promotion. Having been lifted to their lofty status on the back of major label marketing muscle, is DIY a luxury only established acts can afford? It’s easier than ever for fledgling acts to make music available but how can young artists get noticed internationally without the support of a major label’s global network?
17.00 End of first conference day
17.15 – 18.30 Networking drink

Thursday, 16. October
9:30 – Keynote Interview: Mobilium Advisory Group's Ralph Simon interviews Terry McBride, founder and owner of Nettwerk management
Topic: On the Millennials & future music monetizing.
10.15 – Cultural media: Print vs. Web - Mapping New Power Structures
Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine, Sean Adams, Drowned in Sound, Sarah Pearson, Wasted Youth PR, Amy Phillips,, John Kennedy, XFM, Andrea Jónsdóttir, Rás 2.
Moderator: Haukur S. Magnússon, Iceland Music Export
While print media still holds a great deal of weight in the making and breaking of promising artists, their death-grip on pop culture and ability to shape it is becoming increasingly irrelevant with the advent of new ways of gathering and distributing information. In this panel, we'll examine the changing face and power structure of mass entertainment media, who shapes the discourse, in whose interest and why. For example: in its heyday, print media often went by strict journalistic codes of ethics that modern day one-click publishing bloggers often have no investment in or familiarity with. An assembly of representatives from the old and new forms of media discuss.
11:30 – Presentation: Paul Resnikoff presents 10 Tips From The Industry Experts – Growing a Global Audience... In Your Pajamas!
Over-the-top, mass marketing still has its place in the current music industry, though for most artists, targeting is the key to success. And before you step off the island, it is easy to seed markets and test reactions from your laptop, without booking expensive flights, hotels, tour buses, and the rest. This discussion by Paul Resnikoff, founder and publisher of Digital Music News, pulls the expert opinions of a number of industry pros, all of whom are learning from their successes and failures. Develop your audience with intelligence and sustainability in mind.
12:00 Lunch
13.00 Panel: The Future of Entertainment
Steve Schnur, Electronic Arts, Jóhannes Erlingsson, Nova. Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, CEO of CCP., Mike Walsh head of Music at XFM, Lanette Phillips, Lanette Phillips Mgmt.
Moderator: Ralph Simon, Mobilium Advisory Group
Sitting down with a book or dropping a vinyl and tuning out to some choice tunes used to be our main mode of cultural consumption. However, synergy is a beautiful thing, as record labels, cell phone providers, web-based music stores and video game makers will attest to. Now, we can dial a cab whilst ordering the new Hot Chip over our 3G phones, while playing the latest Madden NFL to a soundtrack of classic punk hits. This is pure ADHD entertainment, and it’s only going stronger. What does the future of entertainment hold in store for our new generation of multi-tasking consumers, and what does it mean for those providing the fun?
14.15 – Presentation: Mobile entertainment - latest trends
Who is in control? Operators? Handset manufacturers? Content creators? Customers? All of these have a place in the mobile value chain. BeepMarketing's Helen Keegan will give us insight into current and future mobile trends including an analysis of the shift in power within the mobile value chain, a consideration of the dynamics of the handset market (including iPhone and gPhone) and key channels of distribution. Taking a user-centric approach with examples from across the globe, Helen will take a look at the mobile phone as a creative tool, a channel to market, a communications essential and a content consumption device.
15:00 – Presentation: Doing Business In China
A-Peer’s Jean Hsiao Wernheim gives insights, tips and tricks on doing business in today’s most exciting market.
15.30 Afternoon Tea
16:00 – Panel: “Where is my money?” – Is Publishing Still The Steady Source Or Are Things Changing There As Well As Elsewhere. What are The New Opportunities?
Paulette Long, Westbury Music, Trevor Gale, SESAC, Henriette Amiel, Effective Music Services, Mark Chung, Freibank Music, Anna Granucci Scene Tracks.
Moderator: Paul Brindley, Music Ally
While CD sales may be declining, performance revenues continue to rise, so publishing still looks like a safer business than being at a label. But, like the industry as a whole, publishing is in transition. There are plenty of new opportunities from console games to ad-funded music services. But what's the real outlook for the publishing business and what do publishers need to do to keep their business healthy?
17:00 – End of Conference
17:00-19:00 – Closing Reception
Sources: Iceland Review & IMX

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