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Interview with Steed Lord @ Fairtilizer

Steed Lord interviewed by Fairtilizer:
Steed Lord are 4 talents from the land of ice & cream, doing 100% homemade Icelandic electronic music. They also design clothes for H&M, they are in Armand Van Helden’s Myspace Top Friends, and their track “Feel The Heat” (editor’s note: Jean Beauvoir, where you at?) reached 50′000 downloads in 3 days. Their playlist is the most efficient party playlist ever.
Who is Steed Lord and who does what?
Kali singer, AC Bananas singer/rapper, M.E.G.A. producer/maestro and Demo producer & keyboards. We all write and produce our songs together. We are very inspired by each other when we work.
What’s goin’ on in Steed Lord’s world right now?
We just got back from a 3 weeks USA tour which was complete madness and a major success! We supported Chromeo for their West Coast tour and opened up for them in Portland and at House of Blues in San Diego….that was unreal and very dope! We also played with Does It Offend You, Yeah? in San Francisco and that was a great gig. Then we headlined our own shows for 10 other cities including L.A. Seattle, Austin, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and Toronto Canada. We sometimes didn’t sleep for a couple of days going straight from the clubs to the airport and then straight to soundcheck..but shit, it was worth it! We were so glad to finally do shows for our American fanbase…yeah and Toronto was CRAZY! Check the pics on our flickr! We didnt realize that we had such a strong US fanbase. So USA pt.2 coming soon! As for releases we are just about to release our debut album titled TRUTH SERUM now in the upcoming months! The album will contain 15 original tracks by us!
How did you get into music making?
We have all been making music for a long time and in early 2006 we started making music together. It all happened when Demo gave Kali a house beat for her birthday. Kali was a solo artist for many years and released couple of albums in Iceland. M.E.G.A. has been dj-ing for over 15 years and AC has been rapping and doing music since way back. Demo has been making hip-hop beats for a minute now and got into making house music some years ago. But when the four of us came together something just happened and we really clicked on a creative level.
What are you currently listening to?
Wow! Everything man…everything from the new Coldplay and Sigur Ros albums to Young Jeezy´s new album, Lil Wayne, Danger, Jack Beats, Boy-8 Bit, our friends Crookers, Foamo, Machines Dont Care, Villains, He Say She Say, Nadastrom, R Kelly´s old shit, Hall & Oates every sunday, Treasure Fingers, Dj Sega, Santogold, Chromeo, A-Trak´s new shit, Roisin Murphy and millions more….and yeah Eli Escobar´s- “Shoulda Let You Go” is our summer jam! You better have that !
What’s Iceland national drink?
Icelandic water. But if you are asking alcohol its called Brennivin and it´s pretty damn disgusting.You drink it like you drink shots and it tastes like hot lava….and then fire shoot out of yo dick!
How is the scene in Iceland at the moment? Good bands around?
There is always a good scene in Iceland. Icelandic people are highly creative and artistic. We all work many jobs and are artists by night. Bands and artists make music for the sake of making music and not for the money and fame. Cause you can´t get rich by being in music here cause there are only 300.000 people that live in the whole country and it´s sorta easy to get famous. Just walk down the main shopping street in Reykjavik naked and you will forever be remembered as “the naked guy”. But just come to Iceland Airwaves festival to see what’s up with all the local bands. The festival is in October every year and it’s the best in Iceland!
How important is the internet for you and where do you see it going?
It´s very important to us. It’s how we showcase our music, art & live shows to the rest of the world. Everything is faster and easier now. You can make a track, post it on a blog and the dj can play it 5 minutes later! And that’s how it is now. But there is a downside….it’s hard to sell music, very hard! It’s great for bands that are unkown and unsigned and it´s a great way to get your music out there for the world to hear. But the younger generation is seeing music now as a free thing. Steve Jobs is probably planning now how to make you buy music when you are asleep. The iDream.
What was you best night out and what would be your dream team line up for a party?
So many good gigs so it´s very hard to pick one that was the best. We just did a gig at this little gay bar in Reykjavik called Q-Bar and it was totally packed and filled with love and support and a lot of sweat too. This was our first gig after the car crash we got into in April that almost killed us! Playing House of Blues with Chromeo was something to remember as well, the crowd was so good and rowdy! The gig at Circa in Toronto was madness…so many good times! Yeah we also just got back from Lausanne Switzerland were we played for a packed house of people who came to dance…that’s what’s up! Our dream team line up would be with Prince singing with us and making sex to his guitar while Stevie Wonder and Giorgio Moroder played keys and Sheila E rocked the drums.

Their Debut Album is called "Truth Serum"
Photographs of Steed Lord & Krummi @ Organ (2008) by Wim Van Hooste

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