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Stafrænn Hákon "Glussi" Video

Stafrænn Hákon
"Glussi", a song of the "Gummi" album (released 2007)

News about Stafrænn Hákon:
Long time since last update, but there is actually something to tell!
First off the collaboration between Stafrænn Hákon and Lárus Sigurðsson entitled "Calder" will release their second album on the very fine Make Mine Music in late 2008. The album has been in the works for the last 2-3 years or so and we are very pleased and proud of this album. Make Mine Music is a great independent label where artists pay for all their manufacture costs and in return they will retrieve all the sales from the album (which is very very rare), so when buying the album people will be supporting the artist directly. Obviously we are not trying to be the next Metallica but this is a very good platform for a small artists like us. Some great artists are on Make Mine Music such as Yellow 6, Portal, July Skies, Epic 45, Piano Magic, Library Tapes, Millimetrix to name a few.
In other S. Hakon news is that a another EP will be released on Chat Blanc records which put out the "Sprengir ílát" EP in 2006. This new one will be a collaboration with the Canadian singer Marie Jorge who plays with Voids Anatomy. S. Hákon did a remix of the song "Life Sleeps" wich eventually lead to this collaboration. Hopefully this will come out later this year as well. Stay tuned for news.
Otherwise S. Hákon is still working on some new material, some material has been written and hopefully see its release date in 2009.

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