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Best 10 gigs & Worst gig @ Iceland Airwaves '08 according to Wim Van Hooste

I’ve seen more than 50 gigs @ Airwaves ’08 in a period of 5 days.
Top 10 Icelandic band gigs (listed alphabetically):

Dýrðin@ Organ (Friday 17. October)
FM Belfast @ Tunglið (Thursday 16. October)
Ghostigital @ Tunglið (Thursday 16. October)
Hellvar @ Tunglið (Wednesday 15. October)
Jan Mayen @ Reykjavik Art Museum (Saturday 18. October)
Punk concerts (e.g. DYS) @ Hljómalind (Saturday18. October)
Purrkur Pillnikk Tribute Band @ Grand Rokk (Friday 17. October)
Reykjavik!@ Tunglið (Wednesday 16. October)
Singapore Sling @ NASA (Saturday 18. October)
Vicky@ Skifan (Friday 17. October)

Best non-Icelandic bands:
Boys in a Band (Faroe Islands) @ NASA (Sunday 19. October)
Ghost (Faroe Islands) @ Nordic House (Friday 17. October)
PNAU (Australia) @ Tunglið (Saturday 18. October)

Worst gig @ Airwaves festival ever (since 2005 in my experience):
During the gig of the Canadian band Crystal Castles @ Tunglið, Saturday 18. October, the press (photographers) people were not allowed in front of the stage. This was the first time ever for me not to be allowed there @ Airwaves, and without any notice some time before. So I was hanging with my head in heavy noise, fortunately with earplugs. It took the band a long time to start playing, and because of that the atmosphere was getting tence/nervous/à la Heizel dramatique for the first time in an overcrowded venue spot (where everybody wanted to be in the front, especially the British people). The performance was therefore very disappointing musically, and non-musically.

Photographs & Video "Bubble Girl" of Slideshow by Wim Van Hooste.

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