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The New Adventures of Davíð Oddsson - I found a New Job for David Oddsson: Cartoon character 4ever

I wasn't only listening to Icelandic music @ Airwaves 2008. I took some to time to talk with the Flemish radio journalist Lukas De Vos of VRT Nieuws while protesting the present-day (or shouldn't we say current in both ways) situation in Iceland on Saturday 18. October @ 15:00 downtown Reykjavík.

While listening to the troubadours/singers on stage (off-venue of Airwaves?), I remembered that Davíð Oddsson was nice as cartoon figure in the Suske en Wiske (in Iceland known as Siggi og Vigga) Cartoon Album # 212 called "Edele Elfen" by the late Willy Vandersteen (Engl. transl.: Noble Fairies - Standaard Uitgeverij, 1993).
This Album is situated in Iceland, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Flying from Brussels with Eagle Air, where are the days?
Translation of the text:
Lambik says: Here young man, can you carry my luggage.
A journalist says: Hey, this is the major of Reykjavik, David Oddsson.
Davíð Oddsson says: A hearty welcome.

Maybe he can apply for that job again ;-) and become a cartoon figure 4ever.
Or if that is not possible in some way, maybe Davíð Oddsson can become major, this time of Iceland's most northly rocks in the Atlantic Ocean to keep the 200 miles zone safe against the British Army in the Oddsson War.

Personal note:
Some of the Siggi og Vigga Albums are translated into Icelandic (I own Album # 138 & 184 @ home) and published by Fjölva Utgafa for the Icelandic market.

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