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"Hovering Hoover Skates" Video - Single of the forthcoming Album "Aero" - Released 11. October

"Hovering Hoover Skates" of the forthcoming Album of Ghostigital"Aero"
Video by the Weird Girls Project

Ghostigital’s next full album release will be on 11. October when the release the album Aero where they join forces with Finnbogi Pétursson & Skúli Sverrisson. Aero is music made for aeroplanes. They are humble philosophers travelling on a supersonic jet, meditating away. And adding a new dimension to the airtravel. The music paints a kind of a 3D sculpture, and its constant movement makes it come alive. The perspective is always changing and what does repeat itself makes a delightful hearing because the phrases and motives are so enchanting.
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