sunnudagur, október 26, 2008

Vicky's "Lazerbeam" Live @ Skifan Recordstore @ Iceland Airwaves 2008 (17. October)

Another Vicky Video that I shot @ Skifan Store @ Laugavegur Shoppingstreet.
Song "Lazerbeam" of their Debut Album "Pull Hard", released very recently on Töfrahellirinn Label (October 2008). The drummer Orri is working in the Skifan store, when he's not drumming in the band of course. Vicky was on Tour in China together with the band Hellvar, even after Björk said some nasty thing about China & Tibet this year on her Tour around the globe.
This song was also broadcasted on the Icelandic Radioshow Poppland (RAS 2)(

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