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All the Icelandic Girls Who Rock @ Off Venue Gigs of Trubatrix @ Airwaves '08

The Trubatrix Event is Back. This time @ the Airwaves with loads of cool female artists, art auction, pancakes, waffles, coco & sweet sweet music!
Trubatrix is the little offspring of Undercover Music Lovers movement and was inspired by the Melodica Acoustic Festival which was held in august this year. The idea came from watching all the amazing talented women who performed over the weekend and one of them thought, why not create a network of women in music and arts and have concerts and venues and art and what not?
The First Trubatrix Night last 18. September was such a success that we have been invited to put on a two day event @ Café Rosenberg as a Off Venue Event at the Iceland Airwaves Festival.
Place: Café Rosenberg @ Klappastígur 25, 101 Reykjavík
Free entrance!
Friday 17. October
16:00 The frumpets
16:30 Heiða
17:15 Beta
17:45 Myrra
18:20 Mysterious Marta
18:55 Elín Ey
19:30 Mr. Silla
20:05 Picnic
20:40 Fabúla
Saturday 18. October
16:00 Þórunn Antonía
16:35 Kurr
17:10 Elíza Newman
17:45 Heiða Dóra
18:20 Dísa
18:55 Lay Low
19:30 Gunna Lára
20:05 Ellen Kristjáns
20:40 My bubba and Mi
21:15 María Magnúsdóttir
Trubatrix @ MySpace: www.myspace.com/trubatrix

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