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30 Icelandic Music Scandals & Rock Orgie in the West Fjords (2004)

When I was in Iceland a few weeks ago, I found the Icelandic (Gossip) Magazine Séð og Heyrt (2004) about a Rock orgie featuring the band Trabant @ Ísafjörður, West Fjords. Also I read an article in Fréttabladid Newspaper by Dr. Gunni entitled:

30 Icelandic Music Scandals

Source: Fréttabladid / Popp Section (March 2010)

Funny, revealing stuff, so I made sort of translation 2 share it with you:

1. Uxa Festival 1995: Prodigy played @ Uxa 95 Festival @ Kirkjubæjarklaustur. Lots of drugs.

2. Eldborg Festival 2001: Wild night

3. Páll Óskar & Kleinuhringirnir @ Eurovision Competition 1997. When he came back in the country, he said “Ég kuka bara kleinuhringjum.” (I only shit Icelandic donuts).

4. Buttercup: Singer Íris & Valur were a couple, but drummer Egill Rafnsson started to date Íris too: End of the band.

5. Punkband Bruni BB or “Gjörningasveit” (witchcraft band) with a lot of blood when they were on stage.

6. ElektraI don’t do boys” Video. Watch the lesbian footage here:

7. Botnleðja & (ab)use of svefnlyf (narcotic drugs)

8. Sigur RósGobbledigook” Video

9. Popular artist Bubbi & Brynja in the news @ DV Newspaper in 2004


10. Einar Ágúst arrested in 2005.

11. Kalli Bjarni (Icelandic Idol) was caught with 2 kg of Cocain in 2007/amfetamins @ hotel.

12. Björn Jörundur (Icelandic Idol too) & drugs

13. Rapper Móri attacked another rapper, Erpur Þórólfur "Blazroca" Eyvindarson, with a knife @ 356 Studio recently.

14. Jet Black Joe @ Ísafjörður. Concert ended in chaos.

Árni Johnsen (Icelandic politicians/former MP, involved in corruption scandals) and...

15. Páll Óskar wrote in 1996 in Morgunblaðið about Árni who disturbed Páll & his lover in the swimming pool

16. Hreimur of the band Land og Synir in 2001 @ Vestmannaeyjar. Hreimur claimed Árni slapped him on the face.

17. XXX Rottweiler Their collaboration turned wrong in the middle of a concert 'cause of Árni's political views.

Rock band Mínus and...

18. Talking about cocain as the current sex currency downtown Reykjavik in 2004 after interview with British music magazine

19. Jesus Christ T-shirt with Jesus on the Cross on top of the Icelandic flag

20. Þröstur & Frosti suddenly quit in Mínus in 2007 after the release of "The Great Northern Whale Kill"


21. Ellý of Q4U in her punk outfit (fish net top) showing her breasts

22. Urinating on the head of Stebbi Hilmarsson @ a National Festival

23. Bloodhound Gang: Crazy night with young girls dancing @ Höll Concerthall @ Laugardalur @ Reykjavík Music Festival 2000

24. Nick Cave played in Iceland in the 90s. He got all the dope of the island, so Iceland had a shortage of drugs during 2 weeks after he left.


25. Örvar of múm & Atli Bolla got into a fight after Atli wrote in the Morgunblaðið Newspaper that the so-called "krútt" generation was dead.

26. Barði Jóhannsson & Guðmundur Steingrímsson @ Sirkus TV Show in 2005: Barði left the show because he didn’t like the questions of Guðmundur

27. The band Hraun ended with a broil

Album Covers

28. “The Great Northern Whale Kill” of Mínus with a chubby young girl on the cover:

29. “Hold er mold” of popular singer Megas & Senuþjófarnir: 3 girls in bikini around the grave of Jónas Hallgrímsson:

30. “Tekið stórt upp í sigg” of Serðir Monster: Judge for yourself:

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