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In Memoriam "Trúleysi" Video

Some metal to start the WE
In Memoriam

In Memoriam was formed in 1990 from the ruins of another thrash band called Mortuary. In 1991 the band competed in Músíktilraunir (the Icelandic battle of the bands) and finished third behind winners Infusoria (aka Sororicide) and second place Trassar. All 3 were metal bands and of the 8 bands in the finals 6 were metal bands. In Memoriam then got offered to share a split cd with Sororicide and death metal outfit Strigaskór nr 42. The cd was called "Apocalypse" and is to this day a classic amongst icelandic metal heads. The 3 songs you can hear on this profile are taken from Apocalypse. In 1992 In Memoriam went to Músíktilraunir again and finished second behind Kolrassa Krókríðandi (aka Bellatrix). Some legendary shows were played in between and after but in 1994 the band decided to call it a day and quit. It wasnt until 2009 when original members, Árni, Stjúni and guitarist Frans, teamed up with bass virtuoso Maddi and Trassar guitarist Bjössi to continue with the band and take part in the ever growing and improving Icelandic metal scene.
The first gig was as special guests at an Entombed concert, a band that had had a huge influence on In Memoriam. It was a great night for all bands involved. After a few gigs Frans saw that he did not have time for In Memoriam and recommended Wistaria guitarist Dabbi to replace him. Dabbi was a perfect fit from day one and In Memoriam hope to enter the studio soon to record some new songs.

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