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Made In Iceland III - Icelandic Music Compilation of IMX

Made in Iceland III is a collection of twenty songs from as many bands and artists currently operating out of tiny Iceland, on the outskirts of the North Atlantic. At first listen, they might not seem to have a lot in common, save for the fact that every single one brings something unique and honest to the table. A further look into the tracks on offer, and indeed the artists’ entire oeuvre, will reveal that they are unified by an independent streak and a desire to push envelopes, surpass limits and do what they please, as they please. As every serious music lover will attest, these are good and lofty goals.
From the punishing soundscapes of Ben Frost to the heartfelt musings of Emiliana Torrini (and everything in between), these songs serve to underline and emphasize Icelandic music’s uncompromising, honest and inspired nature.
Made in Iceland III is the third in this ongoing series of compilations by the Iceland Music Export, mean to profile and promote the latest exciting sounds to emerge from the kaleidoscopic and ever-evolving Icelandic music scene. Every act on the disc has released a new album recently and is touring locally as well as internationally to seek ears for their output. It is our hope that you will lend them yours for the duration of the compilation, and it is our sincere belief that you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.
And thank you for listening.
Click the individual tracks on the tracklist below to listen, and for more information on the participating artists.

Made in Iceland @ IMX

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