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Eyjafjallajökull: Eliza Newman on Al Jazeera & on ukelele

In a world were most people don't pronounce Björk and Sigur Rós as it should, is it for non-Icelanders possible to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull correctly?
A lot of people around the globe gave it a try.

Icelandic MAP Artist of the month, London based singer Eliza Newman Geirsdóttir, was on Al Jazeera TV to talk about the correct pronounciation of the glacier.
She also did a short song entitled "Eyjafjallajökull" on ukelele.
Eyjafjallaökull is a long, long name
For such a small glacier, with such notorious fame
And Eyjafjallajökull has caused quite a stir
And no-one can fly anywhere except the birds
Please stop it Eyjafjallajökull
Eliza Newman was the singer of the rock bands Bellatrix (also known as Kolrassa Krókríðandi) & Skandinavia. Eliza has released a 2nd solo album "Pie in the sky" on the Icelandic Smekkleysa Label.

Eliza Newman live @ New Rhythm Night
@ Troy Bar
10 Hoxton Street, London N1 6NG
Wednesday 21. April 2010
Also performing are Covo & Eliza Shaddad.

Eliza Newman @ MySpace

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