sunnudagur, apríl 25, 2010

Emiliana Torrini in Icelandic Magazine Æskan (Youth) in the 90s

Whenever I'm in Iceland, I go to the flea market near the old harbour to search for some old magazines featuring Icelandic musicians.
During my last visit, I found a lot of issues of the Youth Magazine Æskan feat. Emiliana Torrini.
Issue # 1 (1994)
Issue # 1 (1996)
Interview by Jens Kr. Guðmundsson
Talking about singing with Tjalz Gissur, followed by Spoon in 1994. Singing on the first GusGus Album. Differences with Björk. She listens to punk rock bands like Sex Pistols & Purrkur Pillnikk, but also Tricky.
Issue # 3 (1997) after being 3 times in a row Icelandic Popstar of the Year
Interview by Jens Kr. Guðmundsson.
Talking about collaborations with the bands Lhooq, GusGus, Spoon, Slowbow. Playing in the movie Nautn. Her Albums "Croucin d'ou là" &"Merman".
Thinking to become a catholic nun @ the age of 8-12 years.Emiliana Torrini

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