fimmtudagur, apríl 15, 2010

Icelandic music on the Belgian Radio because of the Eruption

Photograph of second eruption by Ólafur Eggertsson
Photograph of first eruption by Wim Van Hooste
We don't have C in the Icelandic alphabet, so when you ask for Cash, all you get is Ash
At least one good thing 'cause of the new eruption. They play (more) Icelandic music on our Belgian radio stations. If the eruption lasts for some months, we will have a Icelandic music channel in Belgium.
But for the Belgian Newspapers it's time to publish some nasty stuff about the "garbage coming from Iceland", not only the ash.
Shame on the so called "quality paper" De Standaard Online for publishing this! Mentally unable to type Björk, it is NOT Bjork. NOT enough brains to write Sigur Rós! Double shame. Belgian journalism = crap & sloppy stories (most of the times, espec. on the topic Iceland).
Thanks to Veerle VDB.

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