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Biggibix "Oh my, oh my" Live @ Kastljós 9. November 2009

Biggibix "Oh my, oh my" Live @ Icelandic TV Program Kastljós on 9. November 2009.

Birgir Örn, also known as Biggibix, is born on 1. September 1981 in Ísafjörður, a tiny and remote cultural hot-spot in the Northwest of Iceland which gave birth to some of Iceland‘s best known musicians and artists. Ísafjörður doesn‘t see the sun for three months of the year and is sometimes shut off from the rest of the world for days due to snow storms leaving the inhabitants accustomed to looking inwards for inspiration and motivation for their creative expressions. Biggibix is an offspring of that setting. He acquired his first guitar at the age of eight and wrote his first song that same year as well as giving his first concert in the basement of the apartment building where he grew up in. Music was a great influence in his childhood. His parents owned a huge selection of records and listened to music at all times giving him the opportunity of learning to enjoy various types of music. This, perhaps, has resulted in BiggiBix’s sense of not wanting to belong to a particular genre but enjoying the opportunity of switching between types hence avoiding being labelled. Biggibix has, throughout his life, used music as a form of expression, with honesty and sincerity shining through his work. In 2001 there was a turning point in his music life as he wrote a song which was used as soundtrack in an Icelandic film. The success of the song resulted in the founding of the band BMX which lasted four years until Biggibix focus shifted towards writing his own stuff under the name of Biggibix. BiggiBix has recently released his first solo album named "Set Me On Fire" in March 2010. The album’s first single, "Oh My, Oh My", was released in June 2009 and reached Top 10 in Iceland. His second single, "Situation", was released in August.
Cover by youngsters from Argentina

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