sunnudagur, apríl 11, 2010

Sort of Review of Aldrei 2010 Festival

I think I was one of the few who listened to all the concerts on Friday & Saturday 2-3. April 2010 @ the most northly music festival Aldrei.
Local & very local talents like Baunirnar & Óminnishegrar were mixed with Hjaltalín & Hjálmar.
Enjoyed some young drummer, young rapper MC Ísaksen, the off-venue performance of the Pink Ladies swimming in the icy fjord on Saturday @ 12:00,...
But also had to undergo a sort of singing by people who better stay in the business of film making... Or better stayed have sober... Kannski.
A singing actor, doing a cross-over nasty boy between Johnny Rotten & Jerry Lee Lewis entertained the public but irritated the sound people.
I always thought that Good Friday is a good opportunity to cover Unun's song "Föstudagurinn langi". Nope.
Kind of Review My Way or Another
Most trendy lopapeysa: Kortér í þrjú!
Most disappointing gig: Ólöf Arnalds
Most unexpected gig: Reykjavík!
Most cute torso: Haukur S. of Reykjavík!
Sustained naked torso: Nine Elevens

Shortest naked torso: forgot the name of the band, it was so quick. Pussy!

Brightest hope:
Kortér í þrjú!
Best female singer: Lára Rúnars
Best male singer: Mugison
Best comeback: Urmull
Best foreign band: Jitney Boys from Norway
Worst singer: Fridrik Thor Fridriksson
Best cover: Man Without Hats' "The safety dance" by Bloodgroup

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