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Icelandic Albums/EPs/Singles (expected to be) released in 2010

Released in April 2010
Benni Hemm Hemm
's 3rd EP "Retaliate" was released in April on Kimi.
BHH @ MySpace
Stafrænn Hákon
's "Sanitas" (12 songs) was released yesterday on Kimi Records Label.
Stafrænn Hákon
Icelandic Albums to be released:
New Album of Rökkurró, on ? label.
Rökkurró @ MySpace
2nd Album/EP of Retro Stefson: First Single "Mama Angola" is out now.
Listen here.
Retro Stefson @ MySpace
Sudden Weather Change will release a lot: a 7" Single, a Sudden Weather Change/
Reykjavík! Split EP (2 songs/band - cover of each other) & they will be going into the studio in June with producer Aussie Ben Frost to record a long EP (or short Album?).
Sudden Weather Change @ MySpace
Ensimi was recording 8 songs @ Sundlaugin Studio this month. 4th Album 2B released this year?
Ensimi @ MySpace
Ólafur Arnalds' Album "... and they have escaped the weight of darkness" is available on 7. May 2010.
Ólafur Arnalds @ MySpace

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