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After Aldrei fór ég suður 2010 - Some impressions

While listening to the fantastic maxi single "S.O.B.S." by Reptilicus (duo consisting of Jóhann Eiríksson & Guðmundur Ingi Markússon; or should I say Iceland's Front 242) released on Dutch Staalplaat Label back in 1996, I present you some exclusive videos I shot @ Thingeyri on Easter Sunday @ West Fjords of Iceland.
The Blue Lagoon Hangover Party 2.0
With a Biogen & Mugison Live Set
@ Swimming Pool of
Biogen meets Mugison to Boogie @ Sundlaug @ Thingeyri, 4. April 2010

Synchronised Swimmers 2.0, 4. April 2010
Music by Biogen, not Hafdis Huld ;-)
Choreography by Icelandic Music Award 2009 winner Davíð Þór Jónsson.

Smelled like team spirit @ Thingeyri, 4. April 2010
Aftur aftur aftur aftur aftur aftur og aftur
Haukur of Dikta, Dikta colleagues, singer Rakel Mjöll Leifsdóttir of Útidúr & Rakel's sister, combined with the friends of Sudden Weather Change, covered Nirvana's "Smells like teen spirit" @ the After Party @ Thingeyri of the Aldrei fór ég suður Festival 2010 @ the capital of the West Fjords Ísafjörður.
Sudden Weather Change's Benjamin Stacey wrote a new song dedicated to the festival while we were having dinner (prepared by Mugison's dad & his crew)
"Never went south"

Útidúr @ MySpace
Sudden Weather Change

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